S1E5 – The New Mercy Turnpike


Episode 5: “The New Mercy Turnpike”
  1. Going through the constituent parts of joy guides our approach to the New Evangelization. A major US meeting in 2017 sought to clarify the approach.



  1. The Church is an abundant source of mercy. We must request, receive and proclaim it. Reconciliation is crucial for joy. God’s mercy endures forever.



  1. Ken pointed out that Instructing the ignorant is a spiritual work of mercy.



  1. Pope Francis spread the Church’s message of mercy with the Special Jubilee of Mercy and the appointment of priests as missionaries of mercy.



  1. How do we show mercy to a world that desperately needs it? The Eucharist is central, re-presenting the sacrifice of Calvary, says Dives in Misericordia.



  1. Divine Mercy ties many themes of evangelization together. We need to embrace Christ’s perfect sacrifice and join together in gratitude for it.



  1. We need “forgiving” situations and conditions. Forgiving is not just a response but is a proactive pursuit. Bill mentioned “forgiving highways.”

google document/forgiving driving


  1. Exchanges of mercy are moments of hope. The Church sends us forth to seek out such encounters with the missioning “ite misa est” as Mass ends.



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