S1E3 – We Can Handle the Truth!


Episode 3: “We Can Handle the Truth!”
  1. What is truth? Pilate asked this question, and people still ask it today.



  1. Truth is called one of the transcendentals along with beauty and goodness. The Magis Center and Rev. Robert Spitzer S.J. provide an explanation.



  1. Aquinas wrote about reason among angels and humans. He wrote extensively about angels.



  1. The Church encourages the use of human reason. It was used in Scriptures.



  1. Pope John Paul II wrote about the splendor of truth in Veritatis Splendor:



  1. We encounter the way, the truth and the life in Jesus. The Word of God was made flesh. The Spirit of Truth guides us as He did on the Road to Emmaus.



  1. We desire to experience truth and joy at ever-higher levels. Chesterton saw truth as a living thing: “a fact that can talk, a fact that can explain itself.”

https://www.chesterton.org/quotations-of-g-k-chesterton/#Morality and Truth


  1. The Catechism shows the interconnectedness of truth. Reason can help us discover the truth, but we must combine it with love through faith.



  1. Dominic’s Order of Preachers has “Veritas” as its motto and is dedicated to the truth.



  1. Dominicans are called Hounds of the Lord; Ken referred to God’s Dogs.



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